CYO Board

                                                                  CYO Board
Steve Hess         
Athletic Director                                                                                                   


Brie Hall                     
Asst. Athletic Director                                                  

Jim Parsons   
Track and Field Commissioner                            


Dusty Ramos
Soccer Commissioner                                                         


Lori Young    




Please note: These dates are tentative.

Monthly Drop-In Nights will be held on Friday nights. Please see the Thursday folder for the announcements for the coming month


Mid August                        CYO Soccer practices begin


Late August                    Registration continues for Intramural Soccer


Early September                         Intramural soccer practices begin


Mid September                        CYO Soccer games begin


Late September                      Intramural soccer games begin


Early October                       Registration begins for CYO Basketball


Early November                      CYO Basketball practices begin


Mid November                        Registration begins for Intramural Basketball


Early December                           CYO Basketball games begin


Mid December                       Intramural Basketball practices begin


Mid January                     Intramural Basketball games begin


Late January                        Registration begins for CYO Baseball and Softball


Late March                     Registration begins for Intramural Tball


Early April                         CYO Baseball and Softball practices begin


Mid April                        CYO Baseball and Softball games begin


Early May                       Intramural T-ball practices begin


Late May                      Registration begins for CYO Soccer