Mission Statement



Holy Redeemer School is a Catholic parish school rooted in Gospel values, and is committed to excellence in education with the power of faith. 


 We believe:

    • Every child is created in the image and likeness of Jesus Christ and deserves respect regardless of individual differences.
    • Every student deserves academic success; it is Holy Redeemer School’s mission to provide a Catholic education that meets the educational needs of all students.
    • Student participation in service to others creates an active faith community and teaches social responsibility.
    • Every child deserves a safe learning environment.
    • Parents are the primary educators of their children. Teachers and parents are partners in the educational process.
    • Through worship and study of scripture, Holy Redeemer School celebrates the relationship between God and our faith community.
    • Our standards-based curriculum, combined with innovative instruction, leads to higher individual achievement and academic excellence.