Boy Scouts

Troop 740

50+ Years of Fun and Service

Father Bailey, the Pastor of Holy Redeemer Church, College Park, Maryland, chartered Boy Scout Troop 740 in 1955. Fr. Bailey had been a scout as a youth and knew the value of the scouting program to boys and to the parish. Fr. Bailey put a notice in the bulletin that he was forming a troop and scheduled an organizational meeting. He was pleased when he saw all the cars pulling up, but was surprised when he found himself with twenty boys and no adults! In the following week’s bulletin, Fr. Bailey wrote that he was not planning to run the troop and told the parents to show up at the next meeting. Mark Kiernan can Bill Krashoc were among the first volunteers. Mr. Kiernan was the first Scoutmaster and Mr. Krashoc has been with the troop throughout its fifty-year history.

In its 50+ years of service to the parish, Troop 740 has provided a program to foster the spiritual and personal growth of the young men of the parish, the school and the community. The Troop participates in scouting activities sponsored by the Archdiocese, monthly troop campouts, District Camporees, week-long summer camps, National Jamborees and service projects for the parish and the community. The young men are encouraged to explore and acquire the many and varied merit badges, and Catholic religious medals. Troop 740 has been honored as the Archbishop’s Troop in 1987 and the Cardinal’s Troop in 1995, 1996, and 1998 for its outstanding religious program.

In April 2005, Troop 740 began its 50th scouting year. Activities throughout the year include a religious retreat, Polar Bear Plunge, ski trip, religious retreat and service project, a mock trial, camping at Hershey Park, high adventure camping at Philmont, and a summer camp in Pennsylvania. The troop’s unofficial mascot is the rubber ducky – it seems that during out monthly campouts it always rains. How wonderful that “a little weather” does not spoil our plans. Troop 740’s merit badge program includes Citizenship, Coin Collecting, Personal Fitness, Archery, Orienteering, and Pioneering. The troop continues to support established parish programs as well as projects for the greater community with the continual goal of assisting boys in becoming men of honor.